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George Corn unlawful practice in Hamilton Montana

George Corn was the Ravalli Co. MT Attorney from 1991-2010. It is unlawful for George Corn to practice civil, or criminal defense in Ravalli Co. due to Montana Law. MCA s. 37-61-413 Former Public Prosecutors not to Defend; apparently Montana law does not apply to George Corn at DML law.

Steve Bullock, Governor used public funds unlawfully (#1 criminal priority of FBI) to protect Corn, and US Senator Max Baucus gave 2008 US Presidential Appointment to former Law School Dean Eck to look the other way for his friend George Corn, gave $1.7M to the Montana Law School as a payoff for George Corn's criminal mistake of allowing a student (Angela Wetzsteon) to prosecute unsupervised, which is a felony crime on Corn and Wetzsteon.

The Montana Supreme Court, The US District Court for Montana in Missoula, The 9th Circuit of Federal Appeals, The American Bar Association, The American Association of Law Schools, the Montana Bar, White House staff Jim Messina ("from Montana"--see Montana US President letter), Steve Bullock as Attorney General has helped Corn although consumer protection complaint filed, unethical for any attorney to protect unauthorized practice. Although crime acknowledged in official State letterhead by the Montana Attorney General Office..

Ask George Corn about his unlawful practice, or abusive rule in Ravalli Co. that forced 4 inmates to kill themselves in 2005; who gave up as Mr. Corn violated their right to excessive bail by asking for and getting unreasonable bail--George Corn owned the Ravalli County justice system from cop to Judge, to court clerk and abused the people he swore to serve.

Contact Mr. Corn at DML Law at 406 961-9003 or 406 363-1163 published home number in Hamilton MT. George Corn as Civil Attorney in conflict for DML Law by representing Dave Olmstad Ravalli Co. Road Supervisor a year after being Ravalli Co. Attorney in 2010.

The Letter to Obama from Montana about Civil Rights:

The letter asks President Obama as first Black US President for civil rigths as George Corn of Hamilton MT violated people's civil rights.

The Montana US President Letter (2009) has been a world wide hit, and sent out by Anonymous to millons. As a blog, 600 read George a month, and more than 12,000 have read this site about George Corn wonding who the heck he is. Welcome to the world readers of Mr. Corn.

As we asked Obama, what is so important about this "man" George Corn in Hamilton Montana to jepardize a 21st Century Watergate? As Obama's Staff have covered up impersonation of a public official; Angela Wetzsteon perjury as felony crimes it looks like George Corn has lots of powerful friends in all branches of government who are in criminal conspiracy with him.


See Beneath the Beauty documentary which helped remove Corn from office in 2010

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photo credit: Datsopoulos, McDonald, Lind (DML) Hamilton Montana. Boycott this family law, ambulance chasing law firm due to the political protection of Geroge Corn, Senior Attorney.
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